Editing Custom Elements

How to edit and customized a Custom Elements

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To edit a custom element, you will need to open the custom element you wish to edit. You have two options to do this:

Via Your Template

  1. Open your doc template containing the custom element you wish to edit.

  2. Select the element you wish to edit by clicking on it.

  3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon. 

  4. The custom element will open up in a pop-up window.

Via the Documents Tab

  1. Click on Documents on the top header and select the sub tab Custom Element. 

  2. Click on the Custom Element that you want to edit.

Edit the Content of the Custom Element. Below it will show a preview of your edited custom element.

Click Save when you are done editing.

Editing a Custom Element

A custom element can be edited in a number of different ways. Below we will summarize some of the most common.


The element output text can be styled and formatted using the text editor. The editing options include:

  • Add bold, italics, strikethrough, and underlining

  • Insert Hyperlinks to add links to website pages

  • Create lists using bullets and numbering

  • Draw tables

  • Edit paragraphs to make them left, right and center-aligned

  • Add images e.g. your practice logo.


The fields are the areas in which information can be entered or answers selected. You can add or remove an unlimited number of fields from each custom element.

Editing a Field

1) Click into the Content section to edit or to add a field. 

2) You can also modify the field type in Fields selection below. Click on the text field and edit the field or the options.

3) When you are happy with your custom element click save.

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