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Kalix's Referral Program
Kalix's Referral Program

Kalix's referral program allows you to use Kalix for free! Receive credit by recommending others to Kalix and never pay for Kalix again.

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Kalix's referral program allows you to use Kalix for free! To participate, you must be a paying Kalix user. Refer as many people as you wish, and never pay for Kalix again!

To access, click on Settings (your practice name), followed by Subscription. Your unique referral code is located at the bottom of the page.

Earning Kalix Credit

Share your referral code with friends. When they sign up for a paid Kalix account, they need to enter this code into the Additional Details section of the Subscription screen. They will receive $27 towards their first payment, and you will get $54 Kalix credit.*

You will receive email notifications when credit is added to your account.

*The Kalix credit will not be added to your account until the referee has made their first subscription payment.

Viewing Credit Earnt

You can view the amount of credit you have earnt from the General section of your Subscription page. 

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