The copy from previous functionality, allows you to auto fill fields and terms with information from the last time they were completed. It does not matter whether the terms and fields are on different templates i.e. you can use this functionality to copy client information automatically from their intake form into your chart note.


It is very important to note here, to copy info between two documents, made from different templates, both templates must contain the same Custom Term/s or NCPT Term/s (click here for more information about terms). For example, if you wish to copy information about physical activity, between intake forms and chart notes, both doc templates must contain the same physical activity term. 

Enabling Copy From Previous

For this functionality to work, you must enable the Advanced Option - Copy From Previous functionality on the template you are copying information into e.g. the chart note template. 

1) Edit the template that you are using to create the document/form that the information is copying into e.g. the chart note. To edit your template click on Docs on the top header, followed by Templates. On the template page, click on your template to edit.

2) Now in your template, click on the select box Show Advanced Options (as shown below) at the top right of the page.

  3) Scroll down to the term you wish to edit. Click Copy all from last time as shown below.

If you only wish to auto fill information into a specific field within a term, Kalix also allows you to do this. Select your desired field by clicking. A pop up appears (as shown below), choose the option - Copy from previous.

4) When you have done this save the template.

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