Kalix's February upgrade is now live, and it is a big one! We are excited to report quite a few new features were released. The update focused on insurance billing, messaging, and access controls for multi-user accounts.


Insurance Card Uploads (US Only)

Kalix now supports the upload and automatic saving of insurance card images (front and back) to the client details page via your online scheduling widget and online forms.

If you already collect insurance details using the scheduling widget or via the client details - insurance element in online documents, you do not need to make any changes to get this new feature.

New Page - Preferred Insurer List

The Insurers page (US only) is available under the Billing tab. Here you will find the list of all of the insurance companies you have submitted insurance claims (CMS 1500 forms) to. Insurers can be edited, added, and deleted.

New Feature - Add Notes to Messages

Kalix now supports adding notes to messages. Notes can be associated with a specific client, contact, or unassigned.

New Feature - Assign Messages & Message Notes to Specific Users

Messages and notes can now be assigned and reassigned to specific users. Once a message is reassigned to a new user, its status updates to unread. The user will receive a new message notification (if they are enabled).

To assign a message, click on the menu icon on the top right and then select Assign User.

New Feature - Assign Clients to Specific Clinicians

For group practices, Kalix now supports assigning clients to specific clinicians. The Assign button is at the bottom of the client cover page (shown below).

Filter Clients by Assigned Clinician

We have added an assigned clinician filter that can be enabled and used to filter your client list by provider.

Access Only Assigned Clients

By editing access settings via User Management, you can prevent specified users from viewing and editing client records that are not assigned to them. Supported for Clinical Users only.

New Access Controls - Documents & Templates

Allow Non-Directors To Edit Document Templates

Kalix now allows account directors to select which users can set-up and modify document templates irrespective of their access level.

Hide the Documents Feature From Selected Users

The last new user permissions added is for controlling access to the client documents. By unselecting - Access Documents, directors can hide Kalix's document functionality (including all client documents, notes, online forms) from selected users.

Enable and disable both of these features by editing access settings via User Management.

Other New Features

Telehealth- if the clinician does not have their camera on, could Kalix displays their profile image (saved to My Details page).

Kalix now supports resending bill reminders and late payment notes from within the Messages tab of the bill.

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