Multi-Share Documents

Share with clients and contacts multiple documents as part of the same email.

To share documents, find the client you wish to share documents with. Once the client is selected, click on Share Documents.

​Customize the Shared Documents Message Template

Customize the email, SMS, and text-to-voice message associated with multi-shared documents via the Messaging Settings page.

Sharing Documents Via Appointment Messages

Automatically share with clients - online forms, electronic agreements, and other documents as part of their appointment messages (appointment notices and reminders).

To set this up, navigate to your Appointment Types page. Click on the appointment type you wish to edit. You can share different documents for different appointment types

Scroll down to the Shared Documents section and select Add.

Custom Appointment Messages For Different Appointment Types

Kalix now allows you to set-up custom appointment messages for each of your different appointment types (different from the default message templates saved under Messaging Settings).

The appointment type-specific message templates can be set-up in the Appointment Notice and Appointment Reminder Override sections of the Appointment Type page.

Online Scheduling - Client's Address

Kalix now supports collecting clients' addresses through the online scheduling widget.

To enable, navigate to the Online Scheduling Settings page. Turn on the Address switch under the Client Details Fields section.

Note: If collecting insurance details, address collection now is automatically included.

Profile Photos Auto Fields

Kalix now supports new auto fields for client, contact and clinician profile photos.

These auto text fields can be added to documents and templates.

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