Account Settings

As per popular request, we have simplified the Organization Details pages. Instead of being broken down into multiple sections (or pages) - General, Location, Legal and Other, everything has been combined into one page called Account Settings. 

Because of this change, you may need to re-enter your Billing & Mailing Details. We apology for any inconvenience this causes. 


Changes have been made to the Notification settings for account Directors and Administrators. 

If you are a Director or Administrator, you can choose to receive new message notifications for every user in your account. After the update, this feature was automatically enabled on your account (Receive all message notifications checkbox was automatically selected on your My Details page). 

If you would like to turn off this functionality, please follow the workflow below. 

Please Note: if you decide to purchase and/or port a dedicated number, this checkbox must be enabled to receive email notifications when new messages or faxes arrive. 

For more information about Notifications, please click here.  

Porting Numbers 

We are now able to start the process of porting your fax and/or phone numbers to Kalix. The process should take 2 - 4 weeks. 

There is no additional cost to port a fax or phone number. However, the charges associated with maintaining a dedicated number will be added to your monthly or annual subscription as an ongoing payment. 

We are currently able to port in numbers from the continental United States only.

To port your number to Kalix, please email 

Purchasing Dedicated Numbers

If you do not have a number to port, you can purchase own unique fax/telephone number/s. By using dedicated numbers, faxes and/or text messages can be received from anyone. For more information about dedicated number, click here. 


There is an ongoing subscription for maintaining a dedicated number. It is added to your monthly or annual subscription as an ongoing payment. The price for American, Australian, and Canadian numbers are listed below. 

Note: we support other countries, please contact us for pricing.  

USA & Canada

  • Local Number - $3.00/month or $36.00/year*

  • Toll Free Number - $4.00/month or $48.00/year*


  • Local Number - $6.30/month or $75.60/year*

  • Toll Free Number - $23.80/month, $285.60/year*

*You are also responsible for paying the costs associated with the sending and receiving of fax, SMS (text) and/or text-to-voice messages via the purchase of messaging credit. Messaging credit must be purchased before use. For pricing click here

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