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SMS (Text Messages) and Local Numbers (US)
SMS (Text Messages) and Local Numbers (US)

Changes to sending SMS to local numbers in the US

Updated over a week ago

From October 1, 2021, there will be changes in the requirements for businesses using computer applications (like Kalix) to send SMS (text messages) to people in the US. A new standard has been introduced called A2P 10DLC.

US businesses sending SMS (text messages) via computer applications with local numbers are required to register their business with U.S. telecommunications carriers (A2P "Application-to-Person" Registration).

This change will affect Kalix customers sending SMS (text messages) using dedicated local numbers via Kalix's messaging feature e.g. appointment notices, reminders.

Note: If you are using a dedicated local number to send faxes and you are also sending SMS messages, you may have enabled the sending of SMS messages from this number as well, hence, this change will also affect you.

If you do not have a dedicated number but send SMS (text messages), you don't have to change anything. All of Kalix's default pooled numbers are already toll-free and are not affected by this change.

What You Can Do

If you are sending SMS from a dedicated local number, Kalix is offering customers the choice of four options:

1) Purchase a toll-free number

You can still keep your local number for faxes if you like, Kalix supports multiple dedicated numbers.

Follow the video below or view the following support article for instructions on purchasing a new dedicated number Learn More

Note: Toll-free numbers are $4 per month as opposed to $3 per month for local numbers.

After purchasing a toll-free number, you may wish to edit and disable SMS on your dedicated location number (but keep it for faxing), see the next section for instructions. The other option is to delete the local number altogether (see screenshot below).

Important Note

After purchasing your dedicated number, we suggest keeping your existing local dedicated number for a short period of time, in case your clients respond to old messages.

Even with two numbers, Kalix will favor sending SMS using the toll-free number over the local number. Once you are happy that the new toll-free number is in place, you can remove the local number (if you wish).

2) Edit your dedicated number and disable SMS (use Kalix's pooled SMS number instead)

To do this follow the workflow in the video below:

After disabling your dedicated number for SMS (you can keep fax enabled) Kalix, will send text messages from its pooled (shared) SMS numbers instead (which are all toll-free numbers).

3) Register your local number

If you would like to keep your dedicated SMS number, please let us know ASAP. We can register your dedicated local number for your business. There will be no cost to do this. To start the process, send Kalix support ([email protected]) the following information.

  • Business Name

  • First and Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Country Code

  • Phone Number

  • Business Address

Note: there will also be a small increase in the cost of sending SMS messages (amount pending).

4) Do nothing (continue using a local number to send SMS and do not register it)

If you choose to continue using your local number for SMS and do not contact us to register it, there will be a much higher likelihood of your SMS are blocked by carriers. Additionally, the costs you are charged per SMS will increase (exact amount pending).

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