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Co-Payments (US only)

How to keep track of and bill for co-payment receipts.

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Kalix allows you to keep track of client insurance copayments easily.

Recording Copayments

Under the insurance subsection of a Client's Details Page, enter the expected copayment amount.

You will be reminded of this copayment as your client arrives for their appointment. Just click on their appointment slot to view the Edit Appointment screen (the copayment amount is listed alongside the Bill Complete checkbox as shown below).

Recording a Copayment

Once you have created your client's insurance bill (click here for instructions), you can record (i.e., if paying cash or check) or charge the copayment to the client's credit card. 

1) Navigate to the bill's Payment screen (click here for further information on payments).

2) Click on the New Button and select Manual Copay or Credit Card Copay.

  If Manually Recording a Copayment

  1. In the Add Payment window, select the date the payment was made. Kalix will automatically select today's date.

  2. Enter the name of the person who made the payment, e.g., the client as the payer, in the Payer field.

  3. Select the payment method the client uses by clicking in the Method field.

  4. Enter the amount paid in the Amount field.

  5. Click Save.   

  If Charging the Client's Credit Card

  1. Choose Credit Card Copay.

  2. Click on the Charge Credit Card button

  3. Enter select the client's saved credit card or enter a new card.

  4. Click Charge Credit Card.    

  5. The payment will be recorded under the Payments section of the bill. 


 Download or Share the Receipt

 To download or share the copay receipt, select the Share button on the bottom right of the bill's payment screen. 

To print the receipt, choose Download. A PDF version of the receipt will open up in a new tab in your browser. Print from the Browser.

To send a copy of the receipt, please follow the steps below:

1. Select Share at the bottom left of the Payments page, followed by Send. 

2. The Compose Message window will appear. Choose the method you would like to send the message using, as shown below.

You can also personalize the message's contents by typing in the text editor. 

Please note: all text in brackets [ ] are merge fields. Kalix will auto-complete these values as the message is sent out. 

3. When you are happy, click send.

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