Updated Top Menu Bar

  • Easy access to logout button

  • Active tab now highlighted

  • Settings (username) and Organization tabs are now combined

Sections Added to Clients, Billing, Organization & User Management

We have improved Kalix's navigation, making it easier to move around Kalix. Use Sections to move quickly between related pages.

Selections have been added to the following pages:

  • Client Cover Page and Client Details

  • Bill Details and Payments

  • Organization General Details, Contact Details and Other

  • User Management, Invites and Invite Requests

Access multiple Kalix Accounts with One Login

Kalix now allows you to access multiple accounts (called Organizations) with one login. You can choose to create a new organization for each of your practice locations or places of work. Move between organizations using the Switch tab. 

Save Place of Service Against Billing Items

Place of service can now be saved against billing items.

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