We've just released an update containing a number of highly requested changes and improvements, with more coming really soon. We have also made many performance improvements to Kalix, making sure the program runs smoothly particularly at peak times. And we haven't forgotten Kalix's online client appointment scheduling functionality. It will be coming in early 2016.

New Templates in Kalix's Template Library

We have released lots of new templates as part of Kalix's template library:

  • Agreements & Notices including HIPAA Notices, Office Policies, Signature on File Forms, Australian Privacy Consent Forms & Canadian Personal Health Information Client Consent Forms.

  • PAR-Q Questionnaire

  • MNT Chart Notes (CKD and Diabetes) - new & revised

  • Appointment Letters

  • Doctors Letters

If you would like more information about Kalix's template library please click here.

Plus there will be more templates coming soon including pediatric intake forms and chart notes, eating disorder chart notes and dietitian ICD-10 referral forms.

Improved Unsaved Document & Template Notifications

We have released a change to improve the notification around unsaved changes to documents and templates. The previous orange notification is gone. We have implemented a red panel as shown below:

The red panel will only appear if the last document or template you edit has unsaved changes. Kalix, no longer generates a notification if you navigate away from a document or template that is up-to-date. Please click here for more information about this.

More improvements around this coming soon.

Changes to the Appointment Calendar

Kalix now remembers your preference to see your calendar in Day, Week or Month view.

We have also changed the color of Rescheduled Appointments to gray. This makes it easier to differentiate between Canceled and Rescheduled Appointments.

And we have added an additional checkbox for Doctors Letters to the Edit Appointment screen. Now you can check off that you have completed a doctors letter for a particular appointment.

Other Changes

Improvements to Templates & Documents: Kalix now automatically removes the extra spaces that appear on Word Exports.

Billing & Invoicing: Unit/item number fields now support decimal points. Individual tax ID numbers are no longer associated with provider numbers and can be removed from bill/invoice templates.

Appointment Reminders: Kalix will now send out appointment reminders for appointments with a confirmed status (if the appointment is yet to happen).

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