Appointment Tracking
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Kalix now allows you to place an appointment cap and expiry date against referrals. This functionality is useful for many reasons including:

  • Australian Users: keep track of the number of Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan (previously EPC Plan) appointments.

  • Expiry date: if referrals have a specified expiry date, the feature provides quick reference to the expiry date. 

  • Package Appointments: if you offer appointment packages i.e. a set number of appointments that are purchased together, you have the ability to view number of appointments remaining.

  • Programs: if you offer programs with a set duration, you are able to easy refer to the time remaining. 

Creating Appointment Tracking

Navigate to Referrals, by selecting the Clients tab on the top header, then the Referrals subsection. To add referral tracking to an existing referral, click on the existing referral details in your referrals list to open. To add referral tracking to a new referral, click on the Quick Link- New Referral to create a new referral.

Complete referral details as usual and navigate to the subsection Appointment Tracking.

The Appointment Tracking section is shown below.

  • Enter the Appointment Cap- total number of appointments allowed for the particular referral.

  • Duration Cap - total hours of appointments allowed under the referral. Can be useful for insurance billing, if the insurer allows a certain number of units per calendar year (USA only).

  • Select the Expiry Date- date until which the referral is valid.

Note: you can choose none, one or both of these options.

Save the referral as usual. 

Referral Details

The referral tracking details can also be viewed on the client's cover page.

As shown below, you are able to see:

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