Kalix allows you to create multiple accounts for the same login. You can choose to make a new account for each of your practice locations or places of work. Easily move between accounts using the Switch tab.

Create a New Account

1 ) Select settings (your practice's name) on the top header and then select New Account. 

2 ) Enter a name for your organization into the Account Name field

3 ) Choose whether you would like this new account to be a 'child' of the current account. A child account shares the same doc templates, custom terms, billing items, billing templates and appointment types as the parent account (your current account). 

Note: the child account's Kalix subscription cost is paid by the parent account.

If you would like the new account to be independent of the current account, make sure Child Account is not selected.

3 ) Select whether you would like to copy users to your new account from your current account.

Switching Between Accounts

To switch between accounts, select settings your practice's name on the top header and then Switch. Click on the name of the account you wish to open. 

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