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Purchasing Prepaid Messaging Credit

How to purchase prepaid messaging credit for efax, SMS & Text-to-voice messaging.

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To send and receive faxes, SMS (text message) and text-to-voice messages, you must purchase prepaid messaging credit. 

It is important to check your credit balance regularly. It is your responsibility to top-up your credit when it’s getting low. If you run out, faxes, SMS and text-to-voice messages will no longer be sent from your account.

Note: You can enable auto top-up.

Purchasing Credit

To purchase, go to the Messaging Settings page and select Purchase Credit (as shown below). 

 Alternatively, navigate to your Subscription page and click on Purchase Credit under the Messaging Credit section.

In the pop-up window, enter the amount of credit you wish to purchase and press Purchase.

Note: the payment may take 48 hours to be processed.

We will send a tax invoice to your email address. You can retain this email for taxation purposes. If you would like a PDF copy of the receipt, click on the link in the email. 

You can also view and download your Kalix receipts from the Receipts page of the Subscriptions or click here.


Message Credit Auto Top-up:

If you would like Kalix to automatically top-up your messaging credit after the balance reaches a certain amount, please follow the steps below:

1) Under the Messaging Credit section of Messaging Settings page or your Subscription page, select Manage. 

2) On the pop-up window select the Automatically Top-up Low Balance.

2) In the Trigger Amount field, enter the credit balance amount that will trigger automatic credit top-up.

3) Input the credit amount you would like to be automatically added in the Top-up Amount field. 

4) Click Save.

Note: if setting up messaging credit for the first time, please purchase credit first before setting up auto-top up. Auto top-up will only occur after the first credit purchase.

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