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Kalix Workflow for Clients
Kalix Workflow for Clients

This article will go over the steps that your clients will follow to interact with the clinicians via Kalix.

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As soon as you schedule an appointment with your Provider/Clinician/Therapist, you will receive an email or text coming from Kalix.

Kalix is a HIPPA compliant electronic medical record used to manage the provider's practice.

In this article you will find useful information on how to interact with your provider via Kalix.

Contents of this article:

Appointment Confirmation

After you schedule an appointment online, the provider will have to approve the appointment. Once it is approved, you will receive an Opt-In message that will ask you to consent to exchange communications via email, text or phone.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule mandates that covered entities must inform their clients on where their electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is stored, transmitted, and accessed, as well as their rights with respect to their ePHI and the laws in place to maintain the privacy of their ePHI.

Typically this Opt-In message is sent via email and it may land on your Promotions Folder, if you use Gmail, or it could go to your Spam or Junk folder. It is important that you look in those folders for the Opt-In email. If you can't find the email, please contact your provider.

Once you receive the Opt-In message via email, you must click the Confirm button on the email .

If you receive the Opt-In via text, it may look like this, and you will reply YES to consent receiving Protected Health Information via text

If you don't confirm or reply YES, you will not receive your appointment confirmation or any written communication from your provider.

Once you opt-in, you will receive any pending messages that your provider may have sent, such as Appointment Confirmation or a reminder or a shared document.

Via text

Via email

Accessing Shared Documents

Often times your provider will ask you to fill out certain forms prior to your appointment. They will come in the form of a secured link and code, as shown below.

You will see a message indicating that documents were shared with you that need to be filled out prior to your appointment.

You will have access to these documents, either for 14 days or until the day of your appointment.

You can start and complete them later or complete immediately and submit.

  1. To access the documents, copy the access code, then click on the link and enter the code.

2. Fill out the forms and when you are finished, scroll down and press submit. Your provider will then receive your completed forms.

3. If you want a copy of the forms you filled out, click on the Print button and then right click on the form to save it. You must do this step before submitting the form.

For the process on how to access the shared documents, watch the next 2 videos below.

Confirming or Cancelling Appointments

You provider may send you an email or text or call you to confirm your appointment.

You may do it via email, text or by responding to a call. The method will depend on what your provider uses.

If your provider uses email, you may receive an appointment reminder or an appointment confirmation with options to confirm or cancel the appointment as shown below. Click on the option most appropriate at the time.

If it is via text, the confirmation will look like the picture below

If your provider uses text you can confirm or cancel your appointment by replying YES or NO.

Joining a Telehealth or Virtual Appointment

If your appointment is scheduled to be done virtually, you will receive a secured link and code that will give you access to the virtual platform within Kalix.

There is no need to download anything or to create accounts.

To join the telehealth or virtual appointment go to the appointment confirmation or the appointment reminder to access the secured link and code.

If it was sent via email it will look as shown below.

There are certain settings that may need to be adjusted prior to joining the telehealth appointment. You can see the instructions in the email as shown below.

If the appointment confirmation was sent via text you can join the telehealth appointment by clicking the link and entering the code. Note: Copy or save the code before you click the link.

For complete instructions on how to join a telehealth appointment click to learn more.

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