From August 1 2019 onwards, all customers on legacy subscriptions (those who signed up to a paid Kalix subscription before March 23 2019) on both monthly or yearly subscriptions will have the choice to:

  1. Continue paying the original price and be automatically downgraded to Standard Package (no action is required)

  2. Upgrade to the Virtual Practice package with the updated price (will need to update their subscription details)

Note: if upgrading to the virtual practice package, customers (including those on a yearly subscription) will be immediately charged the pro-rata amount for the rest of their billing period. 

*Customers that purchased a yearly subscription (monthly excluded) using the Cyber Monday coupon code in December 2018, receive locked in pricing until the end of their billing period, as per the terms and conditions of the sale. 

Here are the new plans below. You can also refer to our pricing page:

Standard Package $27/month or $270/year**

We will continue to offer you the option of paying $27/month (or $270/year)** for Kalix's standard features as part of the Standard Package. Features are listed below:

  • Appointment Management

  • Appointment & Payment Reminders

  • Invoicing, Superbills & Insurance Claims

  • Template Library, Editable Notes & Forms

  • E-signing & Online Forms

  • Secure Client Messaging & Faxing

To receive the standard package, you do not need to do anything. Your Kalix subscription will automatically change to the standard package on August 1. 

On August 1 your account access will automatically change and you will lose access to all virtual practice features (see below for details).

Virtual Practice $47/month or $470/year**

The Virtual practice contains all standard package features + telehealth +  the online scheduling widget + online payments + integration food and exercise tracking app (Nutritionix).

**Per full-time equivalent practitioner (25 hours of appointments/wk)    

Updating to the Virtual Practice Package

To update to the virtual practice package, on August 1 you must modify your Kalix subscription, otherwise you will lose access to the virtual practice features (online scheduling, credit card payments and Nutritionix tracking app). 

  1. To do this navigate the Subscription page.  

  2. Click Modify Subscription as shown below.

   3. On the next screen select the Virtual Practice package.

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