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This is a consolidated record of all payments including insurance payments (ERA), credit card payments and manually recorded payments.

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The Payments Page on Kalix is a comprehensive record of all the payments you receive, which includes insurance electronic remittance advice (ERA) (USA only), credit card payments processed through Stripe or Square, and manually recorded payments.

The Payments Page is located under Billing on the menu bar. From there, you can generate reports based on specific filters and time frames. The Payments Page is an excellent tool to keep track of all the payments received in your account.

Filtering Payments for Reporting Purposes

1. To access the Payments Page, hover your mouse over Billing on the menu bar, followed by Billing, then choose Payments.

2. On the payments page, you can narrow down the payments you want to see by selecting a specific time frame using the filter located on the left-hand side of the page. You can also search for payments by bill ID, Payment ID, or Client Name.

3. You may also select to use other filters by clicking on Filters on the right-hand side of the page. Filters available:

  • Insurer (USA only)

  • Appointment Types

  • Clinicians

  • Locations

  • Location Groups Learn More

  • Payment Type (credit card, insurance remittance or manual payment)

  • Payment Status (Canceled, Failed Pending, Success)

  • User Groups Learn More

4. Once the filters you wish to use are selected, they will appear at the top of the page.

5. Upon selecting your preferred filter options, Kalix will list all payments that align with your criteria, accompanied by a count of the matching payments, as well as the total value of the payments.


6. If you would like to export all of the payment information for the selected payments to Excel for further analysis, click on the Export button at the top right of the page.

Viewing the Related Records

  • If you want to view the bill linked with a specific payment, simply click on that payment.

  • To view the associated client, click on the menu at the end of the row (the 3 dots) and select View Client.

  • To download the related bill select the menu at the end of the row and select Download.

  • If the payment is a credit card payment, you have the option to select View on Stripe/Square.

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