Kalix has moved over to a new payment gateway. We're now able to support many more cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB cards.

Kalix is now $27/month or $270/year (per full time subscription)

We've changed slightly what we definite as one full time subscription. As usual, we charge based on your average number of client appointment hours per week. We now define 1 subscription as 25 client appointment hours a week e.g:

  • 0-25 hours a week, equals 1 subscription and $27/month or $270/year

  • 26-50 hours a week equals 2 subscription and $54/month or $540/year

  • 81-120 hours a week equals 3 subscription and $81/month or $810/year etc.

We're still offering unlimited users, unlimited logins, unlimited data storage and free support. For more information about Pricing click here.

98% of Kalix users will be paying less for Kalix.

To receive this reduced rate, please re-enter your card and subscription details into Kalix.

As another gift, you will receive credit towards your next bill, $3 for monthly subscribers and $30 for those on a yearly plan.

Changing Over

To change over to the new billing system, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to Payments by clicking on Settings (your practice name), followed by Payments.

2) Make sure the subscription details are correct (number of appointment hours and preferred billing cycle)
3) Select the green button (Enter card details and update subscription)

4) Enter your card details and click Subscribe. 

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