We've released an update containing a number of highly requested features and improvements. These include the ability to email Client Access Forms from within Kalix and edit Bill/Invoice Items.

Coming really soon is Kalix's correspondence feature. 

Client Access Forms

Client Access Forms can now be emailed to your clients from within Kalix.

Create your own email message or use the default. For more information about this update and client access forms click here

Editable Bill/Invoice Items

Kalix now supports the ability to edit Bill/Invoice Items. To edit, click on the pencil icon as shown below. For more information about this update and bill/invoice items US users click here and Australian and Canadian users click here. 

Easier Access to Update Notices

We have made it easier to access and re-read these News & Updates, there is now a link on the bottom footer. 

Running Total Added to Billing Page

The Billing/Invoices page now shows a running total of the amount billed for, contract amount and amount paid. Use the Filter or date range (To and Form) to select the date or time period you wish to view. 

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