In preparation for Kalix's Scheduling Widget this update contains a number of changes to Kalix's appointment calendar. We are progressing well on this upcoming new feature. Stay tuned for more info soon.

Document Saving

We have released another big change to document and template saving. Kalix now supports having multiple documents and templates opened at the same time. Kalix will also save and store a unlimited number of documents and templates with unsaved changes.

To view documents and templates with unsaved changes, click on Docs on the top header, followed by New then Doc. On the New Doc page, you will see the notification message above, click on the template's or document's name to view and edit. For more information about document saving, click here.

New Appointment Reminder Merge Field Options

We have released two new Appointment reminder merge fields.

  • [LOCATIONADDRESS] - use to include the full appointment location address.

  • [APPOINTMENTTYPE] - will include the appointment type in the automated reminder message.

Changes to the Edit Appointment Screen

As requested, we have made improvements to the Edit/New Appointment screen.

The new field - Details was added. This field will allow you to add any information which wish you wish to view via the appointment slot.

The appointment address field is now also available.

Click here for further information about the Edit/New Appointment screen.

Hide Rescheduled & Canceled Appointments from the Appointment Calendar

This new update will allow you to 'hide' appointments from your appointment calendar that have the status of rescheduled or canceled.

Click here for further information.

The Redesign of Calendar Options

The options to modify your calendar view, have been simplified and moved to the bottom of your calendar. Now you can quickly change your calendar's displayed time range and time increments as well as view or hide weekend days, click here for more information.

Organization Details

We have also cleaned up the Organization Details section of Kalix.

Organization Details are now broken into the sections of:

  • General - containing your practice's mailing and billing details

  • Locations - your practice's location details

  • Other & New Organization - remain the same

Improved Locations

We have made lots of improvements to Locations in Kalix. These changes are to in order to get ready for Online Scheduling, as well as to better support virtual type appointments e.g. telehealth and home visits. Click here for further details.

View Appointments Per Location

Kalix now allows you to filter your appointment calendar per location.

To view different locations, scroll down to the bottom of your appointment calendar to the section titled Locations. You can click to tick the name/s of the location/s that you wish to view. You can
either view each location's calendar alone or along side others.

Please note: appointments that were created prior to this update cannot be filtered by location. To enabling this feature on already created appointments, click on their appointment slot to view the Edit Appointment screen. Now reselect your location, then click Save.

Location & Clinician Availability

Kalix allows you to set up your locations' and clinicians' availability, click here for information.

Share With Others & Read Only

Kalix allows you to share documents and forms in a ready-only (cannot be edited) format. This added functionality means you can use Kalix to share created documents and forms e.g. chart notes, with other health professionals. To better reflect this change, we have renamed the functionality - Share with Others.

New Document Merge Fields

We have released a number of new merge fields that can be added to your doc layout, templates, documents, custom terms and the email template of client access forms. These include:

  • Your practice's name

  • Your (user) contact email address and primary contact phone number

  • The client's title and middle name

  • The referrers contact address

Click here for details and to view the supported merge fields.

Other Changes & Fixes

We have released a number of other smaller changes, fixes and improves to Kalix. Some of these include:

Follow-up Date
The bug affecting the next appointment date (follow-up date) has been fixed. 

Appointment Reminders for Confirmed Appointments
Kalix will now send out automated reminders for appointments with the status - Confirmed.

Template Library Bug
We have fixed the bug that caused some templates from the template library not to copy over correctly to users' accounts.

Deleting Uploaded Documents

The "owner" of uploaded client files can now delete them not matter their account access level (not just directors).

Other Improvements to the Appointment Calendar

  • When choosing to view multiple clinician appointments at once, appointment slots no longer overlap each other.

  • Improvements were made to start and end time appointment fields - additional accepted time formats were added.

  • We have made it easier to double click on the appointment calendar's start time to create a new appointment.

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