New Update Coming Soon

We are very close to releasing a big new update to Kalix. This new update will include performance improvements, Kalix's PQRS Registry feature (US only), the new Appointment encounter's page, the ability to associate billing/inovice items with appointment types and the complete auto-generation of bills/invoices from appointments. More info on this really soon. 

We have also been really busy over the last few weeks, making and slowly releasing new updates to Kalix templates and document functionality. This document will summarize recent changes made. 

Kalix's PQRS Registry (USA Only)

We are in the final stages of testing this feature. We are confident that, it will be out really soon. Kalix will make it easy to record measures for appointments that have occurred earlier this year. You will still be able use Kalix for the entire 2016 PQRS reporting period. If you interested in finding out more about Kalix's PQRS Registry, please click here and free free to contact us with any questions. 

Online Client Scheduling

We have unfortunately, needed to delay work on the online scheduling widget while required performance updates have been made to Kalix and as the final touches were made to Kalix's PQRS Registry. The online client scheduling widget is still a major priority for us and we aim to get it out as soon as we can. The next update will contain changes that will better support online client scheduling. 

New Doc Templates

There have been lots of changes and improvements made to templates as part of Kalix's Template library. Below is a summary of the major changes made. Click here to find out more information about Kalix's template library.

  • 8 New Intake Forms/Health Questionnaires - covering areas including general health, eating disorders, pediatric weight management and fitness.

  • New matching SOAP Notes, Doctors Letters & Client Summaries - SOAP notes are now condition specific and have been totally revised to support the Nutrition Care Process and Medicare documentation requirements. Doctors Letters and Client Summaries, now match Intake Forms, and SOAP Notes.

  • Templates for Non-nutrition-related Health Professions - including SOAP Notes, Doctors Letters, Agreements and Notices, Client Summaries, and Appointment Letters.

  • Medication Tracking Templates -  search for and add medication from a commonly used medication database or enter using free text.

  • SMART Goal Planning - SMART goal planning worksheets have been released. These are located under Client Summary & Goal Tracking category of the Template Library.

  • Nutrition Diagnosis Tracking - located under Client Summary & Goal Tracking category, use to keep track of your clients' progress towards resolving their Nutrition Diagnosis.

  • Referral form for Medical Nutrition Therapy - located under the Medical Nutrition Therapy category

  • Authorization to Release Medical Records Form - located under Agreements and Notices - USA categories.

Note: we plan to revise the ADIME chart note MNT templates (Diabetes and renal specific) templates over the next few months.

Adding Logos & Images to Doc Templates & Email Reminders
Kalix now allows you to add small logos and images to documents and templates (via custom terms and free text fields) and email reminders (appointment reminders and billing and late payment reminders). Click here for further details.

Updated Height*

Kalix now supports the ability to enter height in feet and inches. Kalix can automatically convert this measurement to centimeters or inches.

Note: the height measurement in brackets, (in inches or cm, as shown above) is the value that is used as the height variable, by other auto-calculations that are dependent on height (BMI, IBW, and Total Energy Estimated Needs). This field must be filled out, in order for it's dependent auto-calculations to work. This bracketed field is can be auto-calculated, hence it should auto-complete based what is entered into it's four preceding fields e.g. Kalix auto-converts height in feet and inches to height just in inches or centimeters. 

* The NCT terms in your templates and documents including height, do not auto-update. You will need to remove this term and re-add it to each template to get the latest updated version.

Updated Auto-calculated Fields*

Most auto-calculated fields in Kalix have been updated to support ranges. See below of a summary of changes made. For more information about Kalix's auto calculated fields', please click here. 

  • Total Energy Estimated Needs - you can now select whether you would like to add or subtract energy to achieve weight loss or weight gain. Resting Energy Expenditure is now shown. Activity factors and stress factors have been revised and now support ranges.

  • Total Protein Estimated Needs - now support ranges. Protein factors have been revised. Protein factors for specific conditions can also be manually edited.

  • Total Carbohydrate Estimated Needs - now support ranges.

  • Total Fat Estimated Needs - Updated - now support ranges.

* The NCT terms in your templates and documents including all those listed above, do not auto-update. You will need to remove each term and re-add them to each template to get the latest updated version. 

Terms Now Support Number Ranges*

Most IDNT Assessment terms that contain number fields have been updated to support ranges. Newly released templates, as part of Kalix's template library have also been made to support ranges.

* The NCP terms in your templates and documents do not auto-update. You will need to remove each term and re-add them to each template to get the latest updated version.   

Updated Nutrition Diagnosis - Dietitians Only**

We have released new custom terms for Nutrition Diagnosis. These new terms allow you to assign a status against each Nutrition Diagnosis (new diagnosis, no progress, resolved, stabilized and no longer appropriate).

You can also enable the Advanced Option - Copy from previous, to auto copy completed PES Statements between initial and follow up notes for specific clients.

Since these new Nutrition Diagnosis terms, are custom terms, you also have the ability to edit and customize them. By customizing your Nutrition Diagnosis custom terms, you can make any desired changes meaning that they better meet your specific needs.

An example customization is shown below, the Etiology and Sign and Symptom fields have been changed to multiple select fields. My most commonly used answers have been entered as drop down options. 

**Adding New Nutrition Diagnosis Terms

These new Nutrition Diagnosis terms are actually three new custom terms. Unless you are fairly new to using Kalix, these new custom terms need to be added to your account from the Template Library (as part of a template). Once a template containing them, has been copied over to your account, you can add these terms to any template in your account. If you are not very familiar with template customization, I recommend you take a look at these two short videos 1) Kalix's template library and basic customization 2) Adding Terms to Documents & Templates.

To update your templates with these new diagnosis terms, please follow the steps below:

1) Open Kalix's Template Library. In your Kalix account, click on Docs on the top header, followed by Doc Templates.

2) On the Doc Templates page, click on the green Template Library button as shown below: 

3) Now in the Template Library, you need to copy a template containing the new Nutrition Diagnosis custom terms, to your account. These Diagnosis terms have been added to all new Dietitian related SOAP Notes. They are also located in several templates under the Client Summary & Goal Tracking category, as shown below.

4) Click on the name of your choose template to view.

5) The template will open. Click on the Save to My Account button, followed by Save and Close, as shown below. 

6) The new template will be copied into your account along side it's custom terms.
 Now these new Diagnosis terms, have been added to your 'bank' of custom terms, that are available for use.

7) After adding the new template to your account, Kalix will redirect your account's Doc Template page. Now locate the template you wish to add the new Nutrition Diagnosis custom terms to. Click on it's name in your template list to edit.

8) Your Doc Template will open up. We are now going to add the new custom terms to it. Click here to find out more about add terms to templates.

If your template is a custom template, click on the Add Term button at the bottom of the template. If you are using an ADIME or NCP template, click on the Add Term button at the end of the Nutrition Diagnosis section.

9) Choose the Custom term type.

10) Next choose the Nutrition Diagnosis category as shown below.

11) Now click on the name of each of the three Nutrition Diagnosis terms you wish to add to your template. Kalix will add them to the bottom of the page/section (as shown below).

12) Use the move icon on the gray tab to the right of the custom term. Move your term place.

13) Click Move here to place the term just above the Move Here text.

14) Repeat the process for other two Nutrition Diagnosis custom terms.

15) When you are happy, save and close your template. Repeat for all other doc templates you wish to update.

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