Kalix Update March 2023

Improved Uploads Sharing, Personalized Email Addresses, Contact Documents, Personalized Kalix Email Addresses, Better Bill Tracking & More

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We are thrilled to announce that the latest update for Kalix is now available! This update comes packed with an array of new features and improvements that are specifically designed to enhance your overall workflow & experience. Some highlights are described below:

The Speedy Sharing of Attachments

Now, it's easier than ever to share your uploaded files with a click of the Share Documents button. Through Kalix's multi-share document feature, you can add attachments uploaded to the document section of a client's cover page and securely send via email or fax - hassle free!

The Share Documents feature is accessible from the document section of a client's cover page as well as the Kalix side panel. We hope this makes sharing lab results, handouts, and other important files with clients and contacts quick and simple.

Contact - Only Documents Viewable from the Cover Page of the Contact's File

Now you can easily access all documents created for contacts from the document section of the contact's cover page (provided there isn't a client saved to the document).

Personalized Kalix Email Addresses (Virtual Practice Package Only)

Kalix now offers the ability to create a personalized email address for your Kalix account to use. We recommend using your name (if you are a sole provider or your practice's/organization's name. This feature is only available on our virtual practice package.

  • The email address associated with your Kalix account is customizable via the Messaging Settings page.

  • A pre-defined domain is used - @email.kalixhealth.com.

  • You can add a personalized prefix to the domain.

Payment Number Tracking

Kalix now supports saving a payment number against bills (e.g. a check number).

Insurance Billing: If using the Kalix-Office Ally integration with ERA set up, the Check or EFT Trace Number will automatically copy to the Payment Number field from the insurance remittance information.

After a payment number is saved, you can search for bills using this number via the billing page (i.e. for reconciling payments).

Managing Overdue Bills

We are excited to announce two new updates to help manage overdue bills:

Due Date of Bills

If you have bills with a due date, that due date and the number of days past the due date are displayed on the summary details for bills (Overdue & Bills pages & Billing Section of a client's cover page).

Overdue Filter

The new ‘Overdue’ filter has been added to the top of the Bills and Overdue Bills pages. Click on Filters to view all available filter types, then select Overdue. Enter the overdue time period you wish to view.

Credit Card Labels

Kalix now supports labelling client credit cards to help you easily differentiate between credit cards for different purposes, such as HSA and regular credit cards. This helps you keep track of your client accounts and makes sure you avoid accidentally charging the wrong cards.

Email Notifications

We have also made some upgrades to email notifications, including page layout improvements:

  • If selecting to receive any notifications once per day and once per hour, you will receive an email summary at the end of the period with a list of all pending notifications.

  • A new notification type was released for online client credit card payments.

  • Administrative users or Directors can choose to receive notifications for all users (for appointment confirmation/cancellations, online form submission and online client credit card payments.

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