There were be many improvements and fixes released as part of this upgrade. The greatest changes were made to the Client File, the Client List, the subscription Payment page (now called Subscription) and Kalix's Referral Program

New features include the ability to upload profile photos to clients' files and assign clients with a different time zone compared to your own. Messages can now be archived and a direct Reply button was also added. The Client List was also completely updated and can support the filtering by Birthday and Last Appointment date. 

Below is a more detailed overview of the changes:


The Bill Summary is available again! 



Messages (from Messaging Inbox and the Messaging section of a client's file) can now be Archived. A direct Reply button was also added. 

New Merge Field for Appointment Reminders and Appointment Notices

[CLINICIANPHONE] - adds the contact phone number of the clinician conducting the appointment (from their My Details page).

New Look Client File

In preparation for the release of the credit card on file functionality in April, we released the redesign of the client file. All old functionality is preserved, we have also added some new ones. 


Profile Photo Upload 

Kalix supports uploading a profile image to the client cover page.


Client Time Zones

Clients' time zones can now be saved on a client's details page. As part of appointment messages (appointment notices and appointment reminders), Kalix will display the appointment time in the client's own time zone. 


Last Save Date and Upload Date 

Under the Documents section of the client's cover page, Kalix lists the last save date for documents and the upload date for attachments.
Note: new documents only.


Important and Additional Notes

There are now two different note sections on the client details page - Important Notes and Additional Notes. Important notes are displayed both on the client's details page and on their cover page. Additional notes are available for extended notes and are located at the bottom of the client's details page only. 


New Look Client List

The look of the client list was also updated. 


Filter Client List By Birth & Last Appointment Range

The updated client list supports filtering clients by their birthday and last appointment range. 

To use, click on the filter icon at the top right of the screen. Select the filter/s you wish to use.

Birthday filter supports selecting the birth month and/or day you wish to view. 

The Last Appointment date range allows you to choose a date period using the date picker (as shown below).



The Client List can still be sorted (in ascending and descending order) by client name, ID, DOB, location (city), phone number and last appointment date. 

The filter is located at the top left of the client table. Click on the filter to select the variable you wish to filter by and then use the sort order icon to order by ascending or descending order. 


Online Scheduling

A fix was released to the scheduling widget's buffer time. Kalix no longer adds buffer time to the end of each day's availability (to the end of the day). Buffer time is only be included between scheduled appointments. 

If you have set up your online scheduling settings to add buffer time between appointments, please adjust your availability to reflect this change.


Kalix's Referral Program

We have made improvements to Kalix's Referral Program, now instead of sending a trackable link to referees, you can share a referral code. 

Your referees just need to enter this code into the Subscription screen when signing up to a paid Kalix account. They will receive $27 towards their first payment and you will get $54 Kalix credit

Note: old referral links no longer work.

The location of the Referral Program has moved, it is now on the Subscription page, located under the Settings (your practice name) tab. 



The look of the subscription Payment page (now called Subscription) was updated.  


Pricing Changes

As detailed in previous messages, Kalix's Virtual Practice package moved to its full price for new paying customers only

For existing paying customers, the pricing change will not affect you until August 1. You do not need to make any changes to your subscriptions settings for continued access to the Virtual Practice package. 


Documents and Templates

New document merge fields are now available.

[[NextAppointment.ClinicianNames]] - name of the clinician/s conducting the next scheduled appointment
[[NextAppointment.StartDate]] = the next appointment's start time
[[NextAppointment.StartTime]] = the next appointment's start time
[[NextAppointment.EndDate]] = the next appointment's end date
[[NextAppointment.EndTime]] = the next appointment's end time
[[NextAppointment.Location]] = location name for location associated with the next appointment


Upcoming Updates

There are many updates coming soon including:

  • Kalix's Affiliate Program: earn cash for referrals to Kalix. 

  • Credit Card on File: save client credit card details to their file for future use.

  • Hide Bill Feature: the ability for account directors to hide Kalix's billing functionality from selected users. 

  • Online Scheduling Resign: includes the ability to collect client credit card on scheduling. 

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