Supported Browsers

Kalix is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. Kalix is not supported on any version of Internet Explorer.

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Kalix is supported in the following modern browsers:

As of March 10 2018, we have ended support for Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft, is actively working to migrate users to their new browser Edge. As a result, Microsoft has ceased the release of new feature updates for Internet Explorer. Furthermore, they provide only limited bug fixes for the browser. The following quote is from Microsoft Support FAQ:

"The latest features and platform updates will only be available in Microsoft Edge. We will continue to deliver security updates to Internet Explorer 11 through its supported lifespan. To ensure consistent behavior across Windows versions, we will evaluate Internet Explorer 11 bugs for servicing on a case by case basis." 

It is our goal at Kalix, to offer you the latest cutting-edge technology. By supporting Internet Explorer, we were severely restricting the new functionalities and the quality of the experience we are able to offer our customers. 

What will happen if I continue to use IE11? 

While we recommend moving to a supported browser as soon as possible. If you continue using IE the following are the implications of continued use:

  • The majority of Kalix will continue to remain accessible, however, over time you may begin to notice bugs or less than optimal functionality. 

  • We will no longer be testing for or resolving bugs experienced as a result of continued use of the browser.

  • For bugs or technical issues related to this browser, customers will be directed to make use of an alternate, supported browser. 

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