We are excited to introduce a long list of new updates and features. These include Client Access Forms, lots of improvements to doc templates and chart notes, better workflow within Kalix and more.

Client Access Forms

Kalix now allows your clients to complete forms and documents online via a secure URL link. 

Updates to Doc Templates and Chart Notes

Add NCPT Assessment Terms to Custom Templates

Kalix now allows you to add NCP Assessment Terms (NCP terminology from the Nutrition Assessment domain to Custom Templates. This means you can now create chart note templates using your own format but still incorporate Kalix's 300 pre-created nutrition assessment values and calculated fields. Click on the link for more information about custom templates.

Note: IDNT Assessment terms can only be added to new templates.

Copy From Previous

Kalix now allows you to copy entered data from one document to the next. To enable this, edit the template you wish to copy information using. Follow the instructions shown below.

Updated Layout

Changes have been made to the look of exported documents including the removal of dot points and extra lines and spaces. 

Easier Doc Saving

Now you have the option to save and keep your document open.

If you navigate away from a document without saving (or with unsaved changes), a notification message will appear as shown below.

Appointment Calendar: Hide Client Names

Now you can quickly hide clients name from your appointment calendar with 1 click on the mouse. Useful when scheduling follow-up appointments as this feature prevents clients from seeing other clients' names.

Invoicing/Billing Service Date and Contract Rate

Kalix now allows you to add a service date to billing items, independent of the billing date. This means you are now able to bill for multiple sessions conducted on different days using the same bill (supported on CMS 1500 forms, superbills and invoices).

Kalix also supports the addition for a contract rate against billing items. 

Tracking Completed Docs & Bills Against Appointments

Tick boxes have been added against appointments to support the tracking of completed chart notes and bills for a particular appointment. Click on the particular appointment slot to edit, on the Edit Appointment screen click on the applicable tick box and save. 

Improved Navigation

A level 2 has been added to the navigation allowing you to quickly create new templates, custom terms, billing templates, batches, contacts and referrals. 

We hope you love these changes. All of these updates and new features were suggested by our users. If you have any suggestions for new updates, features or improvements, please add them to our Feedback site. If you like any of the ideas listed, please vote for them. 

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