You are able backup or make a copy of all data and documents saved in your Kalix account.

The Backup function is available under settings (your username), subsection Backups.

To create a new backup, click on the green 'Start Backup' button as shown below.

Creating a backup may take several minutes. While the backup is being created, the yellow notification bar (shown below) will be displayed on the Backups screen. You are able to navigate away from Backups during this time and continue working as normal.

When the backup is complete, a blue notification bubble will appear. The white notification icon will also show on the menu bar.

If you have navigated away for the Backups page, click on the notification icon on the menu bar and you will be taken to the Notifications page. The Notifications page is shown below, you can click the 'Backup completed' message to be taken back to the Backups screen.


  1. To clear all notifications and remove the notification icon from the menu bar, click on 'Remove all Notifications' under Quick Links.

To download the backup file click on the purple 'Download' button on the Backups screen.

The files will be downloaded in a compressed (Zipped) file. The file will appear in your browser, open or save the files as shown below.

Chrome Browser click on the” Backup” icon at the bottom left of the screen.

In Internet Explorer choose to either “Open”, “Save” or “Save as” the Backup folder. Once the folder has been downloaded click on “Open” or Open folder’ on the yellow bar.

In Safari, the file will be downloaded, a Window will then appear, choose to either Save or Open the Backup folder.

The backup file is shown below. Appointments, patient details, contacts, referrals, and invoices/billing, payment details and reminders are saved as Excel spreadsheets. The PDF copy of all invoices/bills generated are saved in the “Invoice” folder. Documents (generated reports and uploaded documents) saved against clients are located in the Client folder. 

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