Backing Up

How to backup the data from Kalix

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You can Backup or make a copy of all data and documents saved in your Kalix account. The Backup function is available under settings (your practice name), subsection Backup.

Creating a Backup

1. To create a new backup, click the 'Start Backup' button below.

Start Backup

2. When you select Start Backup, you will see an alert that the Backup is being created.

3. Creating a backup may take several hours. You can navigate away from the Backup page during this time and continue working as usual.

4. When the Backup is complete, the bell icon will appear on the menu bar.

5. You can navigate back to the Backup page and select "Download" to download the compressed (Zipped) file.

6. The file will appear in your browser. Open or save the file as shown below.


After the file downloads, a notification appears. Choose to either Save or Open the Backup folder.

The Backup File

The backup file is shown below. Appointments, bills, client details, contacts, documents, document templates, messages, and referrals are saved.

PDF copies of all bills are held in the "Bills" folder.

Documents (generated documents, chart notes, forms, and uploaded files) are saved under documents and then organized in separate folders for each client.

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