Appointment Notices

Send a confirmation message when a new appointment is scheduled, or an appointment booked via your online scheduling widget is confirmed.

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Appointment Notices are sent when you create a new appointment. As well as each time you edit an existing appointment's details. Kalix's appointment Notices are fully customizable, you can choose the messaging method used (email, text message or text-to-voice) and the contents of the message itself. SMS and text-to-voice messages are charged at a pay-per-use rate. Click here to view pricing. Email messages are free.

Kalix supports two different types of appointment messaging, the other appointment message is Appointment Reminders. These are sent before an appointment to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

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Setting Up Appointment Notices

The following four main steps should be completed in order to send out automated messages from your account. 

  1. Enable Messaging

  2. Customize appointment notice message

  3. Enter valid client contact details and select a messaging method

  4. Tick the Reminder tickbox on the Appointment screen (automatic)

US users, it is important that you are aware of the current information regarding Kalix's automated messages and HIPAA compliance, click here to view. 

Step 1) Enable Messaging

Before sending out appointment messages via Kalix, you need to enable the Messaging in your account. For details on how to do this, click here

Step 2) Customize Your Messages

Kalix allows you to enter customized appointment notice messages. Using merge fields, Kalix will fill each message with the client-specific appointment information before sending it.

To customize your appointment reminder messages, click on Messaging on the top menu bar. Then scroll down to Automated Messages and click on edit message templates for each reminder.

Kalix allows you to enter a different message for each messaging method (email, SMS and Text-to-voice). Click on the applicable messaging method you wish to enter a message for, as shown below. 

Email Messages

Kalix allows you to customize your email message:

  • Enter an email subject in the email subject field. This will be the text that appears as the subject for all email messages.

  • Enter your own appointment notice message by typing in the email message field.

  • Format the email message appearance (e.g. add bold, italics, headers, bullets, numbering and tables) using the format bar.

  • Add small images e.g. your practice's logo into the message, click here for details.

  • Enter merge fields, Kalix will use these merge fields to auto-fill the client and appointment-specific information.

Virtual (Telehealth) Appointments
If the appointment reminder is for a virtual (telehealth) appointment, Kalix will automatically add information about how to connect to the meeting (including meeting link and access code. 

SMS (Text) Messages

Kalix allows you to customize your SMS (text) message:

  • Enter your own appointment notice message by typing in the SMS message field.

  • Enter merge fields into the SMS message, Kalix will use these merge fields to auto fill the client and appointment-specific information. See the section Merge Fields below for further info.

Client Responses

Kalix supports SMS messaging responses.

Kalix will send you a notification when a client sends a response. 

Text-to-voice Messages

Kalix allows you to customize your text-to-voice message:

  • Enter your own message by typing in the text-to-voice message field.

  • Choose the accent and gender of the voice. Click here for more details.

  • Choose the client responses to be included as menu options at the end of the message.

Client Responses

Text-to-voice messages can be sent to landlines and cell phones. Client responses can also be included as menu options at the end of the message, clients make their choice by selecting the corresponding number on the phone keypad. You can choose which client responses are included in your message by selecting the applicable tick boxes under Client Responses (as shown below). Available Client responses include: 

  • Connect to Phone Number: the text-to-voice phone call will connect to your phone number. Enter the number that you wish the text-to-voice message to connect to into the Return Number field as shown below.

  • End Phone Call: this will cause the text-to-voice message to end.

  • Repeat Message: will repeat the text-to-voice message.

Text-to-voice messages also detect pick up by answering machines.

Adding Merge Fields

  1. Place your cursor at the location you wish to add the merge field tag (like you would start typing)

  2. Click on the Merge Fields button located on the editing bar.

  3. Select the merge field you wish to add.

Last Steps

Once messaging has been enabled, and your message templates are set up, you are ready to go. Appointment Reminders will be scheduled to be sent out automatically following the creation of a new appointment, as well as after the modification of the appointment's details. You do not need to do anything more in order for appointment reminders to be sent out, however, there are two additional steps that you should be aware of to ensure that appointment reminders go out successfully. 

Enter Valid Client Contact Details and Messaging Method

The client must have the correct method selected on their Client Details page and a valid email and/or phone number. A client's messaging method will be automatically set to the default messaging method selected on the Messaging Settings page, click here for details. You can change the client's messaging method from the default to another choice, on the client's Details page.
Navigate to the Client Details page by clicking on Clients on the top header, followed by Clients. Locate your client in your client list, and click on their name to view their file. On the client cover page, click on the section Details to view the details page. On the details page, scroll down to the subsection Contact Details. Select the desired messaging method in the messaging method field.

It is also important that client has a valid email and/or phone number saved against their contact details. Contact phone numbers must contain your state area code.

Note: Kalix allows you to save unlimited contact phone numbers against the client's Details page. If you save multiple numbers for a particular client, Kalix will send an automated message to the first entered phone number. 

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