Manual Entry of Remittance Information
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If you have not set up the new clearinghouse integrations, you may need to post

insurance claims payments manually. In some instances, such as needing to submit the claim to secondary insurance, you will then need to add the ERA or EOB information to your bills in Kalix.

You may also need to add the ERA information in cases where there is patient responsibility and you need to collect this amount from your patient.

This support article will guide you through manually posting insurance claims payments with the addition of the Electronic Remittance information.

Steps to post an insurance claim payment:

Once you have received payment from the insurance, you should also receive or be able to locate the explanation of benefits/electronic remittance.

  1. Open the created bill again.

  2. Enter the payment details into the Payments section of the created bill. For details about entering payments, click here.

3. Below the payment screen, you will find the remittance section. After you post the payment, you may enter the information from the EOB/ERA received from the insurance.

4. Utilizing the EOB/ERA received, enter the proper claim adjustments.

Here is an example:

Please note that the amounts must balance with the amount paid.

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