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Allowing Camera, Microphone & Screen Share on Mac (Chrome Browser)
Allowing Camera, Microphone & Screen Share on Mac (Chrome Browser)

Kalix's Telehealth - Enabling Camera, Microphone & Screensharing with macOS (Chrome browser)

Updated over a week ago

For macOS 10.14 (and above), Apple has introduced additional security for cameras, microphones, and screen sharing. As a result, you may need to adjust your Security & Privacy settings to enable these for use during a telehealth session.

1) On your Mac desktop, open System Preferences.

2) Choose Security & Privacy.

3) The Security & Privacy window will appear, select the Privacy tab (as shown below), followed by Camera.

Note: to make changes you might need to click on the padlock icon on the bottom left of the window.

4) Enable Google Chrome.

5) Next, click on Microphone and enable Google Chrome.

6) Select Screen Recording and allow Google Chrome again.

7) You may be prompted to quit Chrome in order for the changes to take effect. A reboot of your computer may also be required.

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