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Notifications (New Message & Error Notification)
Notifications (New Message & Error Notification)

How to modify the frequency you receive New Message & Messaging Error Notification emails and edit the recipient email address.

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Kalix can notify you when a client or contact messages you (sends fax, SMS, text-to-voice, or email) e.g. replies to an automated reminder or sends a manual message.

You can also receive a notification when a messaging error occurs e.g. an email bounces, a bad email address is used, an appointment reminder expires because the client fails to opt-in.

To modify (or stop) the frequency you receive these email notifications or the recipient email address, please follow the steps below: 

Note: each user in your account can modify their own notification settings. Settings are specific to an individual user.

Modify the Recipient Email Address

Messaging notifications are sent to the email address associated against your My Details page as shown below. If you would like to change the recipient's email address, enter a new email address in this field.


Edit the Frequency of Email Notifications

Kalix allows you to modify (or stop) the frequency that you receive New Message Notifications and Messaging Error Notifications.

  1. Navigate to My Details page, by hovering on your practice name on the top header, followed by My Details. Next select the Email Notices section.

2. On this page, you can change the frequency that you get these messages (including the option to never receive them). Then click Save at the bottom of the page.

  Receive All Messaging Notifications

If you are a Director or Administrative user, you have the option to receive all messaging notifications for every user in your account. To enable this, on the Notifications section of your My Details page, click the checkbox shown below.

Receive Other Notices

Control how often you receive email notifications when clients schedule appointments, confirm or cancel appointments and for online document submission.

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