We have released an update that allows you to edit the default opt-in message. You can also choose to disable opt-in messaging if required. 

Please remember Kalix's Messaging Opt-in functionality offers better security to both you and your clients. It also makes it easier to maintain HIPAA Compliance. 

When transmitting ePHI via an unsecure manner (e.g., unencrypted e-mail, text message or phone call), your clients must be warned about and accept the associated risks. Opt-in automates the consent process within the workflow of Kalix. Opt-in messages go out automatically at the time that a client's first message is due. The associated message will be sent automatically, once the opt-in is accepted. 

 It is important to know, that even appointment details and the client's first name, are considered ePHI.

Opt-in is considered the gold standard for preventing spam. By disabling opt-in, there is a higher likelihood that your messages are marked as spam by the recipient or delivered directly to the spam folder by the receiving mailbox provider. You may also be harming other Kalix users, if there are increased spam reports, their messages are also more likely to go to spam.

We will be actively monitoring accounts that have disabled opt-in. If there are any signs of excessive spam complaints, we will be forced to disable messaging on those accounts.

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