We are excited to announce the launch of Kalix growth charts feature! Gone are the old percentile calculators. Here to stay are our new beautiful growth charts!

Easily track the growth of pediatric patients. Inbuilt into documents and templates, Kalix will automatically carry over weight, height, and BMI measurements from your previous documents (intake forms, chart notes, etc.) to graph trend lines over time.

Growth Chart Element

We have released growth charts as a new document/template element type. Insert the growth chart element (can be added multiple times), to existing documents and templates.

Alternatively, all pediatric chart note templates in the Template Library have been updated to include this element.

Note: growth chart graphs are displayed in client documents only. Templates contain the growth chart place holder.

Supported Growth Charts

  • WHO Weight-for-age (0 - 24 months)

  • WHO Length-for-age (0 - 24 months)

  • WHO Weight-for-length (0 - 24 months)

  • CDC Height-for-age (2 - 20 years)

  • CDC Weight-for-age (2 - 20 years)

  • CDC BMI-for-age (2 - 20 years)

Using Growth Charts

Kalix's growth charts are integrated into Kalix's document, and templates feature. Kalix automatically carries over weight, height, and BMI measurements from your previous documents to graph measurements over time.

Improvements to Displayed Age

For pediatric clients less than 5 years, Kalix will show age in both years and months.

When a client is age less than 2 years, Kalix now has the capacity to enter a due date for the calculation of adjusted age.

We hope you find this update useful. Please reach out if you have any questions.

There will be a new update out soon. It will include the automated sending and combined sending of online forms and much more.

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