Kalix's  HIPAA compliant virtual appointment (telehealth) solution allows you to easily connect online with individual clients, as well as larger groups. 

An all-in-one solution for video, audio, screen sharing, file sharing and chat, Kalix has all you need to run a virtual practice. Best yet, virtual appointments are completely integrated with the rest of the Kalix EMR platform. 

Kalix's virtual appointment feature is intuitively designed. Your clients can connect without having to download any software, ensuring that appointments start on time, every time. By clicking on a weblink and entering a code, they are taken directly into your virtual appointment. It's simple, secure and stress free.  


Our video conferencing system is fully featured and includes:

  • No download required completely web-based
  • Individual and group meetings
  • Two way screen sharing
  • Document sharing 
  • Instant chat 
  • Fully integrated with Kalix's other features


The feature is available as part of Kalix's Virtual Practice package. 

Supported Devices & Browsers

Kalix's video conferencing feature is compatible with both Mac and PCs computers via the following browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Android and Windows devices (tablets and smartphones) supporting the previously listed browsers may also be compatible. iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones are supported, but only when using Safari.

At the current time we are unable to support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. These browsers are not compatible with the infrastructure of Kalix's video conferencing feature. 

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