We are excited to announce that the May update to Kalix is now available! Major changes were made to the My Details and User Management pages including the ability to hide the entire billing feature from selected users. We also introduced the security feature of Two Factor Authorization.

Redesign of My Details and User Management Pages

The design of the My Details and User Management pages was updated. We hope you like the clean fresh look.

Hide Billing from Selected Users

Kalix gives account directors the ability to hide the entire billing feature from selected users. To do this, unselect Access Billing when inviting a new user to your account. Alternatively, you can edit existing users' account access.



Choose Which Users Appear on the Appointment Calendar

Also, if you are a director, you can remove specific users from the appointment calendar as schedulable clinicians. This task is completed via the User Management page.


Directors Can Edit Other Users' My Details Page

If you are a director of your account, Kalix also allows you to edit other user's My Details page.


Two Factor Authentication

Kalix now gives you the option of setting up and using two-factor authentication each time you log into the program. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security, using a trusted device (your phone or tablet) to verify your identity when logging into Kalix. This prevents anyone but you from using your login, even if they know your password.

Please Note: Account directors can make it mandatory for all users to log in to Kalix using Two-Factor Authentication via Account Settings.


Upload Attachments Directly to Specific Bills

You can now upload attachments e.g. EOBs, directly to the Payments page of any specific bill. 


Improvements to Credit Card on File

When clients pay online invoices, they can save their credit card to file for your future use.

Additionally, you can also save credit cards to a client's file from a bill's payment screen as you are collecting their payment.


Upcoming Updates

Stay tuned, there are many updates coming soon including:

  • Kalix's Affiliate Program: earn real cash for referring others to Kalix.

  • Online Scheduling Redesign: includes the ability to collect client credit card details and payments during the scheduling process. 

  • Documents & Online Form Redesign: collect credit cards via online forms, growth charts, Allscripts integration and more.

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