Kalix's documents and templates allow you to tracks clients’ improvements, from the initial contact through reviews and reassessment.

You can view data (currently number fields only) from previously sessions inline (for both in Custom and IDNT templates). Also, view the auto calculated change and percentage change. You can even use different templates for each appointment (the same IDNT term or custom term must be used within templates/documents to view the calculated change and percentage change). 

Using Client Tracking

1) Create a new document for your client.

2) Link the document to your client's record (see the above links for details)

3) Select a previously created document to compare the current to (as shown below) i.e. you may wish to select the document created for the client's last previous appointment. Note: if this the client's first document, you will be unable to use this compare functionality. 

Viewing Previously Sessions Inline

If the term (either an IDNT term or Custom term) was used in the previously document (the document does not need to be created from the same template). The value from the previous document can be viewed in the tool tip (as shown below). 

Auto Calculated Change and Percentage Change

Simply enter the value into the variable fields to view the auto-calculated change and percentage change (as shown below).

if exporting the document to Word, the change, and percentage change will not appear in the exported document. 

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