Basic Doc Templates allows you to design and style your own client progress notes, letters and other templates. Kalix supports the creation of unlimited document templates. Use your templates to create client specific documents.

Creating a Basic Doc Template

To create a basic doc template, select Docs on the menu bar and then the subsection Doc Templates. Choose the option 'Basic' to use as the formation of your template.


The basic doc template is shown below. Give the template a name by entering a description in Template Name field. Now design and format your template. 

  • Text Style Types: Use 'normal text' for body text and 'headers' for titles and headings. Your template's text styling will be used when documents are exported into Word.
  • Other text formatting: add bold, italics, strikethrough and underlining to text.
  • Lists: add bullets and numbering to create lists. 
  • Alignment: edit paragraphs to the left, right and center.
  • Draw tables: Insert tables, add and remove columns and rows and add and remove table headers.
  • Hyperlinks: Add links to website pages.

Some examples of templates created in Kalix are shown below. 

Using Your Template to Creating a New Document

When choosing to create a client document using your created template, open the client's file and click on the New Doc link as shown below.

Alternatively, select Docs on the menu bar and then the subsection New Doc. 

The New Doc screen should appear in the table on this screen your newly created template should be listed in the table on this page. Click on it to select. 

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