Kalix has been approved by Medicare to be a qualified PQRS Individual Claims Registry for the 2016 reporting period (January 1 to December 31 2016). PQRS applies to all RDs and other eligible professionals that receive payments under Medicare Part B via CMS 1500 claim forms, click here for further information about eligibility.

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a quality reporting program by Medicare. To encourage participation, Medicare applies negative payment adjustments (reductions) to all Medicare payments when non-compliance or unsatisfactory reporting occurs. The negative payment adjustment for non-compliance or unsatisfactory reporting during the 2016 reporting period will be a 2% reduction. The payment adjustment will impact your Medicare payments in future i.e. all Medicare payments made for services conducted in 2018. Why do PQRS? PQRS = more money! To find out more about PQRS, click here.

Kalix's PQRS Registry will almost automate the PQRS reporting process for you. Kalix will automatically identify all eligible patients and appointments, as well as the appropriate measures to record. Recording PQRS measures in Kalix is as easy as selecting a few checkboxs, literally. It will be implemented as part of your usual workflow within the system.


Participation is included in the cost of your Kalix subscription.

Enabling Kalix's PQRS Registry Functionality

Kalix's PQRS Registry feature can be enabled under the PQRS section of the Organization Details page, located under the settings tab (your practice's name or My Organization, if you are yet to enter a practice name) on the top menu bar.

1. Click on settings (your practice's name or My Organization, if you are yet to enter a practice name) on the top menu bar, followed by Organization Details.

2. Now select the section PQRS as shown below.

3. Once you have checked that your practice has at least one clinician that is eligible for participation in PQRS for 2016 (please check the eligibility criteria to confirm this), select the checkbox under Eligibility.

4. After ticking the Eligibility checkbox, the below Billing Codes field will appear. Please search for and select all CPT and HCPC codes you bill under.

5. When you are happy with your chose, click on the Select Codes button.

6. Kalix will then list all the PQRS measures that your practice is eligible to report, based on the previously entered CPT and HCPC codes.
7. Click on the measures' row to select. The selected measure will change to a pink color.

Note: each participating clinician needs to select at least nine measures, across at least three different domains (categories), with at least one Cross Cutting measure (Cross Cutting measures are identified by the words Cross Cutting in italics at the end of the measure's description). Many professions including dietitians, qualify for less than nine measures. This is fine, you need to select all measures that are available to you.

8. Once you have selected the correct number of measurements, click the Select Measures button.

9. Once you are happy with everything, click the pay button as shown below.

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