Kalix allows you to create your own invoice items to add to client invoices. Invoice Items can include (but aren't limited to) services and your products (e.g. books, supplements), packages and gift certificates.

Invoice items can also be associate with Appointment Types for the quick generation of appointment specific invoice, for more information about this, please click here

Creating new Invoice Items

1. To create Invoice items, click on the Invoices section on the top header and select the Invoice Items subsection. 

2. The Invoice Items screen is shown above. Click on the Add Invoice Item link to create a new invoice item.

3. Enter the item's description in the "Description" field, the item price in the "Unit Price" field, the default quantity (number of items) and select whether or not GST is included (Australian only).

4. Click "Create Item" to save. 

Editing and Delete Invoice Items

The saved items are listed in a table as shown below. To delete an invoice item, click on the bin icon.

To edit, click on the pencil icon. The invoice item fields will re-appear, make your changes and click Update Item.

Adding a saved item to a new invoice

Under the subsection "Items" on the New Invoice page, type the first few letters of the item's description in the "Description" field. A list of matching items (containing description, number of units and price) should be generated below the "Description" field. Click on particular item to selection. Now click on the "Add Item" button to add the item to the invoice. 

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