Contacts contain the contact details of referral sources (GP's) or the details for anyone else other than the client you wish to save and view later.

Contacts are used by the Referral section of Kalix as the referral source, click here for more details. The contact's details can also be added to invoices. 

Above is the contacts summary page, you will see this screen when you first click on the Contacts subtab (found under the Clients tab on the top header). The Contacts summary page lists all of your saved contacts. You can filter, search for, sort and order contacts on this screen. We will discuss the contacts summary page later. 

Creating a new contact

To create a new contact, click on the Quick Link 'New Contact', located on the top right of the Contacts summary page (shown above).


The first section on the new Contacts page is Name, it contains the contact's name and qualifications (the contact's credentials). 

Other Details

Under this section, you are able to record the contact's organisation (or practice's name), email address, phone/fax numbers (unlimited numbers are supported) and provider number. 

Postal Address

The contact's address. 


You can upload and save files against contacts. This is useful for keeping track of the communications sent to contacts and referrals sources.
Note: you are required to save the contact first, prior to upload files.

Uploading a file

Click on the Upload File link, under the Uploads section on the contact's details page.

The Upload Document window will appear (shown below). Simply drag and drop any file into the box "Drop file here...". Alternatively, click on the "Choose File" button and the Open file window will appear. Now select your chosen file and press Open.

You can edit your file name and add a description. Once done just click Save. 

Uploaded files are listed in the table under Uploads (shown above). In this table, only the last four files are visible, to view all uploaded files click on "More..." (as shown below). 

Click on a file name to view. To delete, click on the bin icon. Note: the table can be sorted by each column in ascending and descending order, just click on the column title. 


Make sure you click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the contact.

Contact Summary page

The contact summary page is shown at the start of this document, this page lists all of your saved contacts. You can search for, sort and order contacts on this screen.

Search- You can search for contacts using keywords in the Search field.

Sort- The table can also be sorted by each column; contact's name, profession, location (organization/practice name), contact number and the date the contact was saved.

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