Common causes for documents not appearing against client's files or you finding yourself unable to link clients to your documents include: 

1) You are entering client information into a template. Templates cannot be associated with a particular client. 

2) You are forgetting to link your client to your document.

Templates vs. Documents

Something you might want to check is whether or not you are creating a new document vs. creating/editing a template.

Templates: in Kalix templates are pre-formatted "stencils" or "forms", that serves as a starting point for new documents. They are general and cannot be linked to a particular client in Kalix. The idea of templates is to create pre-formatted forms that you use over and over again for different clients.
Documents: in Kalix a document is linked to a specific client and contains client specific information.

In Kalix you create templates in Kalix (or add them to your account from the template library) to use as the basis for new documents. Click here for further details.

Then you create a document for a particular client using your saved templates.

A way to tell you have a you have a look at a template or a document is the the title, if you see it ends with "(Template)", this is letting you know that you are looking at a 'Template' in Kalix.

A document will just list the forms name. You can associate a client with a document. 

Click here for an over view of documents and templates in Kalix

Linking a Client to a Document

1) First create a new doc, select Docs on the top menu bar, followed by New and then Docs.

2) The New Doc screen will appear. Choose a template to use as the basis of your document.

3) Now use the Link Client field to associate the document with a particular client. First, type the client's name within this field. 

4) Click on the correct name when it appears to select it.

Note: to link a client to a particular document, first you need to create for them a file in Kalix. Click here for further information about how to do this. 

Other Options

You can also create a new document from the client cover page by clicking on the link New Doc under the subsection Documents.

Similarly, you can create a New Document from the appointment screen when the appointment status is set to Attended.

When you create a new document using these methods the client will be automatically linked to the client as shown below

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