While tomorrow was meant to be the submission date for your 2016 PQRS data. We have been contacted by a number of people requesting a little bit of an extension. Your PQRS data is now due Monday March 20 2017. We would still appreciate data submission ASAP. Please do not leave it to the last minute. 

How to Submit

Submit your PQRS data via the PQRS section of the Organizations tab, under settings (your practice name). 

Kalix will not allow you to submit data until all errors are cleared for every measure. This will ensure satisfactory reporting occurs. 

You can see how you are tracking on this PQRS section of the Organization Details page. The number of errors to be resolved will be displayed in the error column of the table. Click on each measure within the table to find out more information about its errors. 

For satisfactory reporting, you must have recorded at least a 50% reporting rate for eligible encounters and a performance rate of greater than 1% (except for measure #1 Diabetes Hemogloblin A1c, which is an inverse measure, hence the performance rate must be less than 100%). This must be achieved for every measure. For more information about resolving PQRS errors, please click here

When you have resolved all errors, the Submit button will be available. 

After clicking this button, a pop up window will appear. You will be required to enter your NPI number, the TIN used by your practice to file Medicare claims and your practice's details. You must also sign the Individual Provider Consent Form. When complete, click submit. 

Note: If there are multiple providers in your organization, each person must submit their data themselves. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are experiencing any issues

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