New features include:

View our Changelog for a list of all new features, fixes, and improvements.


Manually Mark Clients have Completed their Initial Forms

Against the Documents section of a client's file, you can now select the date they completed their initial forms.

​On your Client List, you can add a new filter - Initial Forms Complete (shown below).

  • Turn on the switch to see all clients that have submitted their forms (those with an entered initial forms completion date).

  • Turn off the switch to see all clients that haven't completed their forms (clients without an initial forms completion date).


Out of Office Reply

Let clients and contacts know you are out of the office by sending automatic message responses to new incoming email and SMS (text) messages.

We added a new section to Messaging Settings called Out-of-Office Automatic Reply. Use the switch to enable this feature.

Click on Edit Message Templates to customize the automated responses Kalix sends.

Note: To prevent SPAM, out-of-office messages are sent to a particular email or cell phone number a maximum of once a day.

Distinguish Between Bills & Receipts When Sharing

For bill templates, Kalix now allows you to set up two different message templates:

  1. Share Bill Messages (for open bills with unpaid amounts)

  2. Share Receipt Messages (for closed bills with payments)

Edit your existing bill templates or create new ones to customize the messages associated with paid bills (receipts) and unpaid bills (invoices).

These messages are used when you manually share bills with clients or contacts via email, SMS, text-to-voice, or fax.

System bill templates (CMS 1500, Superbill and Invoice) also have different messages for bills vs receipts.


​Disconnecting Nutritionix Accounts from Client Profiles

To unlink a client's connected Nutritionix account from their profile in Kalix, select the drop-down icon on the top header of their file, followed by Unlink, as shown below (only visible for clients with connected Nutritionix accounts only).


Turn off Client Date of Birth & Address on Bills

Kalix now allows you to turn off the automatic addition of client DOB and address to bills/receipts via bill templates.

Modify your existing bill templates or create new ones to add or remove the client date of birth and/or address.

Allow Only Insurers from the Insurer List

Kalix now allows account directors to limit the list of selectable insurance companies to those added to the Insurer page.

Limit selectable insurance companies for:

  • Clients when entering insurance details via online scheduling and online forms.

  • Other users (e.g. providers) when entering insurance details into a client detail page.

A new switch was added to the Insurers page "Allow Only Saved Insurers". When this is turned on, Kalix will limit the selection of insurance companies to only what is listed on this page only.

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