NCP terms contain the standardized language for the Nutrition Care Process. Kalix contains all of the 1000 Nutrition Care Process Terminology or IDNT which you can add to documents and templates. Think of Kalix's NCPT terms as a database of fields that dietitians can add to documents and templates.

NCPT terms are divided up into 4 categories based on each stage for the Nutrition Care Process. In ADIME templates, NCPT terms are added to the particular section or stage they belong to i.e. NCPT Nutrition Assessment terms can be added to the Assessment section of templates, Nutrition Diagnosis terms to the Diagnosis section and so on.

Please note: for the Nutrition Prescription section of ADIME template, only custom terms and blank terms are supported here. There are not standardized NCPT Nutrition Prescription terms.

Also note: custom templates support the addition of NCPT or Nutrition Care Process Terminology from the Assessment stage of the Nutrition Care Process only.

Finding NCPT Terms

When choosing to add NCPT terms to document or templates, you are able to locate the correct NCPT terms in two different ways:

Search for Terms
Search for terms using keywords as shown below. 

  • All terms relating to your keyword will be listed below the search field. 
  • Click on the applicable term to add it to your document. 
  • To view the definition of the term, click on the purple information icon. 
  • If the term has already been added to your document it will be ticked. 
  • If you see a lightning bolt the term has an auto-calculation. 

Browse for Terms

Alternatively, you are able to browse for terms using the "I would like to browse instead" button. Navigate through the hierarchy of categories and subcategories by clicking to select. 

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