Configurable NCPT Templates allows you design your chart note templates using the ADIME (Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring, and Evaluation) format. ADIME is the standardized documentation format for the Academy's of Nutrition and Dietetic's Nutrition Care Process. The Nutrition Care Process is a systematic approach to providing high-quality nutrition care. It is described using the standardized language Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT). Click here for more information about the Nutrition Care Process. 

Create unlimited NCPT templates, we suggest one for each client group you see. Use created templates as the framework for future client documents. 

Template Setup

To create an NCPT template, select Docs on the menu bar and then the subsection Doc Templates. The Doc Template screen is shown below. Choose an NCPT template to use as the basis of your new template:

NCPT Template Overview

The NCPT template is divided into 4 sections, each section representing a stage in the Nutrition Care Process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring & Evaluation). There is also the subsection Nutrition Prescription, which allows free text or custom term entry of the client’s individualized recommendations.

NCPT templates contain all of the Nutrition Care Process terms. You are able to add and remove terms from section (see below for details). 

To Add Terms

To add terms to each section of the template first click on the Add Term button (shown below). You have the option of adding 5 different term types:

There are five choices of terms to add to templates: 

  • NCPT terms (Nutrition Care Process Terminology)
  • Custom terms: your own editable terms. Kalix also allows you to create your own custom terms, click here for details.
  • Free text fields: blank text fields that can also be used to create headings
  • Signature panel: support the collect of electronic signatures (works on computers desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones). 
  • Upload supports the upload of files and images against docs and templates. 

Click here for more information about adding terms.

Finding NCPT terms

When choosing to add NCPT terms, you are able to locate the correct terms in two different ways:

Search for Terms
Search for terms using keywords as shown below. 

  • All terms relating to your keyword will be listed below the search field. 
  • Click on the applicable term to add it to your document. 
  • To view the definition of the term click on the purple information icon. 
  • If the term has already been added to your document it will be ticked. 
  • If you see a lightning bolt the term has an auto-calculation. 

Browse for Terms

Alternatively, you are able to browse for terms using the "I would like to browse instead" button. Navigate through the hierarchy of categories and subcategories by clicking to select. 

Removing Terms

To remove an added term, click on the task icon.  

Moving Terms

Kalix allows you to reorder added terms.

Step 1: Click on the 'move' icon on the applicable term.

Step 2: Select where you wish to move to term to and click on the applicable Move Here.

Step 3: Done!


When you are happy with your template, click the Save button (fixed to the bottom of your template. There will be three different save options.

  • Save: click to save changes. The Template will remain open for ongoing editing. 
  • Save and Close: save and close the template. Kalix will close to your doc template page.
  • Save New Template: this will only appear if the template has already been saved at least once. Kalix will save your current version as a brand new Template and keep the previously saved version as a separate Template. 

Using your Template to Creating a New Document 

When choosing to create a client document using your created template, open the client's file and click on the New Doc link as shown below.

Alternatively, select Docs on the menu bar and then the subsection New Doc. 

The New Doc screen should appear in the table on this screen your newly created template should be listed in the table on this page. Click on it to select. 

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