Kalix's ad hoc messaging functionality allows you to message clients and contacts securely, at any time. Before sending ad hoc messages, you must enable and set-up Messaging, please click here for details

Kalix has the option of messaging a client or contact using a choice of four different contact methods, SMS (text messages), text-to-voice (computer generated voice messages), fax and email. 

Fax, SMS and text-to-voice messages require the purchase of prepaid credit. Click here to view the pricing. Email messages are free. Click here to find out more about the different messaging methods. 

Messaging can be opt-in. If opt-in is enabled, clients and contacts will need to opt-in before receiving messages from you. Click here for further information about this.

Sending Ad Hoc Messages

To send an Ad Hoc message, navigate to the Messages section of the client's or contact's file. Choose the messaging method. Type your message within the text field and click Send. Kalix will send the message using the client's or contact's selected messaging method.  

Client Responses

Clients or contacts can reply to your messages, as well as contact you at anytime by replying to a previous message. You will receive an email notification when a response is received. Click on the link within the notification message to view the message within Kalix. 

Alternatively, click on the notification icon on the top menu bar. Kalix will take you to the unread message. 

Messaging History

On the Messages section of the client's or contact's file, you can view a history of all messages sent and received, as well as any messaging errors. 

Kalix has filters on the page. Select the time period you wish to view. You can also select the to view messages with certain statuses e.g. failed messages, queued messages. 

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