The latest update to Kalix is now available. Along with a number of fixes and improvements, you can now save credit cards to client files for later use. 

We have updated the format of insurance bills to support the entry of up to twelve ICD-10 diagnosis codes per claim and the completion of field 15 - Other Date (located under the Miscellaneous section of the bill details page). 

Important Note: As per previous notification, everyone who uses Office Ally to submit insurance claims (CMS 1500 forms) from Kalix, are required to remap their Office Ally account (see below for details).

Changes to New User Invitations 

In preparation for our next update that will include the enhanced security feature two Factor Authentication, we were required to reset outstanding user invitations to Kalix. If you have sent out new user invitations to your account but they have not been accepted yet, please resend these.

Credit Card On File

Kalix now supports saving clients' credit cards to their details page for future transactions.

Note: If using this feature, please make sure your clients authorize the saving of their card on file for future use.


Changes to Insurance Billing with Office Ally

The format of Kalix's insurance claims was upgraded as part of this update. Unfortunately, this change will break your current Office Ally account mapping.  

Please re-map your Office Ally account by following the instructions linked below. This task must be completed before submitting future claims.

A test batch file to remap your account is available to download via the support document. 

Please reach out to us if have any issues or questions completing this process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

 Client Alerts

We have released the ability to save clients alerts. These can be added to the important notes section of the client cover page. Alerts are viewable from the side panel and when creating a client new appointment.

Filtering Messages By User

Your Messaging Inbox can now be filtered by user.


Other Fixes and Improvements

  • The Bill list and Overdue pages can be sorted by date and client name in ascending and descending order.

  • Faxes from anonymous numbers can be received.

  • Fix to message subject error.

  • Saved insurance addresses, insurance phone numbers and insurance types are automatically added again when selecting an insurance company via the client's details page.  

  • i-Cal Sync issue fixed (sync enabled checkbox unselecting).


Upcoming Updates

Stay tuned, there are many updates coming soon including:

  • Kalix's Affiliate Program: earn cash for referrals to Kalix.

  • Two Factor Authentication: for enhanced security. 

  • Hide Billing Feature: the ability for account directors to hide Kalix's billing functionality from selected users. 

  • Online Scheduling Redesign: includes the ability to collect client credit cards and payments on scheduling. 

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