This is the first big update for 2019. The greatest changes were made to Kalix's Telehealth (Virtual Meeting) and Billing functionalities. 

New features include Safari, iPad and iPhone support for telehealth, Square credit card reader integration and credit card in-person partial payments & co-payments.

Telehealth (Virtual Meetings)

Safari, iPad & iPhone Now Supported

Kalix's telehealth feature is now supported on Safari (Macs, iPhones and iPads).

Please note: Safari currently has limited support for group telehealth appointments. Video sharing may not work for conferences with more than 2 participants. Screen sharing is currently not available on Safari* we hope to offer this as a future update. 

*Screen sharing is supported on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome (Mac and PC).

Mute Participants on Entry

 You can now mute (audio and/or video) all participants on entry to telehealths meetings.

Alternatively, once participants have entered the meeting, you can also mute specific people if required.

Change in Navigation

For easier navigate on smaller screens, different sections of the telehealth feature (Set-up, Chat and Participants) were given different tabs.


Connection Strength

Kalix displays both your computer's and your participant's connection strength for meetings. 

Poor or non-optimal connections may indicate the sending and receiving video and audio is in low quality or stalls are occurring.

Rating of Video & Audio Quality

We have introduced the ability for you and your participants to rate the quality of video and audio during a telehealth session. This will allow us to have a better understanding of any issues that are occurring.


Change to the Format of Email Appointment Messages

We have made changes to the layout of telehealth appointment reminders and notices. The link and meeting information now stands out much more.   


Updates to Billing

Square Credit Card Reader

Kalix now supports the Square Credit Card Reader for in-person payments (iOS and Android).

Easier In-Person Payments 

We have made it easier to collect in-person credit card charges. Credit card charging has been integrated with the Add Payment and Add Co-Payment


Collect In-Person Partial Payments & Co-Payments via Credit Card 

Kalix allows for the charging of in-person partial payments and co-payments.

Click on the Add Copay or Add Payment button, the Add Payment window will appear. Enter the payment amount in the amount field and the click pay now. Enter the client's credit card details and you are done!

Smaller Changes

  • The payer is now listed on invoices/receipts 

  • Some format changes to exported bills and superbills

  • Changes to New Bill page, your own customized templates are displayed at the top of page, with system templates below in their own section. 



Other Changes & New Features

New Document Merge Fields available:

[[Appointment.ActualStartTime]] = the recorded appointment start time*
[[Appointment.ActualEndTime]] = the recorded appointment start time*
[[Appointment.ActualDurationMins]] the recorded appointment duration*

*Recorded via Kalix's time tracker functionality.

Client email address added to the side panel client summary:

Please note: you need to be re-save the details page of existing clients to view their email.  

The Edit Appointment screen displays the number of clients scheduled for a particular appointment.

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